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Check here for recent events in the Rise Entertainment World, including the recent events of our artists.

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    Hallelujah, It’s done!!

    Hallelujah, It’s done!!  Stayed up all night but we got it done! It’s released to the world!! That’s right GeneBuck is in stores all over the planet!   Read More...

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    Got the Call...

    I received a call from Phil Brown today. He’s a PR guy out of Dallas who’s worked with all the majors from one time to another. We touched bases several months back and he’s shown great interest in doing PR work for the GeneBuck project.   Read More...

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    Long Days, Short Nights

    It’s been a lot of long days and short nights for everyone at Rise Entertainment World. We’ve missed a couple of projected release dates due to some unforeseen challenges. We’re scheduled to have our second meeting of the week and hopefully, we’re running on all cylinders this time.  It’s always crazy when it gets close to releasing a new project.   Read More...

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