Welcome to Rise Entertainment!

Rise Entertainment World is a company with a new attitude and approach to the business of entertainment! It’s a new hybrid business model that has not overlooked the great contributions of the old school business while embracing the vast creative ideas that exist today. They recognize that the key element to success today is the ability to balance all aspects of the industry both old and new!

Today’s artists sing from a new experience, actors act from a different point of view, writers write from real emotion no longer imagined but deeply felt and musicians play mix tempos and rhythms that twenty years ago would have been taboo. These facts are undeniable and any company who wishes to be successful today must accept these facts without acceptation. Rise Entertainment World Understands the needs of todays artists and partners with them in a way that more than ever before allows the artist the creative freedom they desire.


Tina Moore: Chief Executive Officer

Entertainment Entrepreneur Tina Moore’s career began with the beginnings of Motown. There she met her husband and best friend Pete Moore, a founding member of “The Miracles!”  Tina has worked with the tops of the top in the Music Industry. Whether it’s marketing, management or promotion, to whatever, she’s done it all well.  When asked, what is her motivation for Rise Entertainment World, she will answer in one word “Pete!” This is the continuance of  the vision of a great husband, father, best friend and an unsung musical genius who’s  greatest desire was to simply fill the world with music full of love, peace and joy!

Harold Green: President

Rise Entertainment World President, Harold Kg Green, is a seasoned industry veteran, with over 45 years of experience in the industry. Uniquely qualified as a Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Musician;  His musical journey thus far includes, Lead Singer for “The Main,” “The Chi-Lites,”Super Country Music Producer James Stroud, “The SOS Band,” His Mentor Pete Moore of “The Miracles, Nine time Grammy Award winner “Andrae’ Crouch” and The King of Pop Himself, “Michael Jackson.” Harold truly brings an overflowing treasure chest of experience and expertise to the table.

Ed Contreras: VP Publishing, Legal

Ed Contreras is a 50 year industry veteran.  He is an effective, skilled negotiator, communicator, motivator, accomplished musician, song writer and producer.  His knowledge of the music industry is unsurpassed.  He has worked with and managed some of the top acts in Latin and R&B, some of which include Tierra, El Chicano, Rosie and The Originals, Little Joe y La Familia and many more.  His expertise also includes Artist Management, Music Publishing, Promotion, Distribution and Artist Copyright Recapture.